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Thank you EasyHotspot Community!

This is what makes us smile and eager to continue to be better!!

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EasyHotspot @

EasyHotspot @

And in just less than a month of releasing EasyHotspot nano (private beta), we are already serving thousands of vouchers around the globe!

EasyHotspot nano

EasyHotspot nano

Thank you everyone who have made this possible!! and also everyone of the from EasyHotspot forum that has posted great tips and tricks for EasyHotspot community.  See our facebook page and also follow @easyhotspot

How a hotspot billing system works – simple explanation

Recently I’ve got a lot of questions about how exactly EasyHotspot works ? What happens behind the system ? and how FreeRadius, Captive Portal etc works and talks to each other ?

In this post I will try to answer that question in a simple way.

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Replace Chillispot with Coova Chilli

Recently we have posted a guide for replacing your chillispot with coova-chilli. As you might already know, Chillispot is no longer supported and being replaced by CoovaChilli. To view our guide, please visit

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Hello Mr. Onno

Checkout this link: and this one: we’re thrilled that EasyHotspot was mentioned by ‘the’ network guru in Indonesia.

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EasyHotspot Quick Start Tutorial

It seems like many people are having a hard time getting EasyHotspot up and running quickly. I’ll try to post an easy step by step tutorial which hopefully can used to get you on your way to a Easy to use Hotspot billing system.

Step 1


before you can get easyhotspot up and running, you need these things:

- PC (for EHS server) that has 2 Network Interfaces (2 Ethernet Port)

- Internet Connection via Lan

- Access Point

- Get EasyHotspot Distro

From our download page or direct link here

Step 2

- Burn EasyHotspot distro to CD

- Install EasyHotspot to PC (similar to ubuntu installation process)

Step 3

- Connect the Internet Lan cable to the Eth0 PORT on your Server

Make sure you have internet connection by surfing the internet on the server.

- Connect the access point Lan cable to the Eth1 PORT on your Server

YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING with Eth1 , DISABLE DHCP FEATURE from your AP (if present)

If your using a Wireless Router please Disable the DHCP feature and connect Eth1 to LAN port , NOT WAN port!

Step 4

- Manage your Hotspot!

From your EasyHotspot server, open firefox and go to http://localhost/easyhotspot you can create billing and voucher plans from admin account, generate vouchers and invoice customers from cashier account.

Step 5

- Connect Clients / Customers

A client or customer can join your wireless Hotspot as usual by choosing your Network / AP name (SSID)

-  Login on the Client to browse the Web

Once a customer has join your network, they will be redirected to a login page before they can browse the web.  Login with the voucher or postpaid account  that you have created in step 4.

- Enjoy your EasyHotspot system!

Need more information or something isn’t working: visit the documentation page and the troubleshooting section and be sure to check out our forum!

new home page and forum

EasyHotspot has a new home page and also a new forum! . The forum is to accommodate all of our loyal users and fans to discuss anything about EasyHotspot, post tutorials, customizations or just discuss hotspots in general. We hope this forum can be helpful to everyone including us the developers so that EasyHotspot can continue to become an Easy solution to your Hotspot billing system.

How to Update EasyHotspot

EasyHospot 0.2 comes with git repository, which means it gives us an easy way to update the code. This is how to update your current installation with the lastest release :

  1. Go to EasyHotspot directory
  2. cd /opt/local/web/easyhotspot
    git pull

  3. Pull new patches
    • Its very handy if you we want to update (bug fixes/ new features).

EasyHotspot CD Order

Berhubung kita sedang kesulitan untuk mengupload versi 0.2 nya, dan memang ada banyak request dari user untuk dikirimkan via paket karena juga mungkin filenya terlalu besar.

Maka kami siap membantu mengirimkan CD EasyHotspot 0.2 via POS/Paket/Tiki dengan cukup mengganti ongkos kirim dan biaya produksi saja. Caranya sbb :

  • Kirim Email dengan judul EasyHotspot CD disertai Alamat Lengkap dan no. telepon
  • Biaya Rp. 50.000 tidak termasuk ongkos kirim, bisa dengan Bank Transfer
  • Kirim ke
  • Lakukan konfirmasi, setelah itu CD akan kami kirimkan

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